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remove unused code

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......@@ -12,13 +12,7 @@
<nav aria-label="breadcrumb">
<ol class="breadcrumb float-sm-right">
<li v-for="route in matched" :key="" class="breadcrumb-item">
<span v-if="route.path.includes(':id')">
<i v-if="route.meta.icon" :class="'fas ' + route.meta.icon"></i>
<span>{{ }}</span>
<router-link v-else :to="route.path ? route.path : '/'">
<router-link :to="route.path ? route.path : '/'">
<i v-if="route.meta.icon" :class="'fas ' + route.meta.icon"></i>
<span class="text-decoration-underline">{{ }}</span>
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