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Add post install script

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......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ With the Docker installation, you have all the required softwares installed in t
* Enter the `gogocarto` container with this command: `docker exec -it gogocarto bash`
* Run all the commands given in the [installation instructions]( (composer, npm, gulp, symfony console commands...)
* Run `./` from within the `gogocarto` container. This will launch all the required commands to finish the installation.
* **Warning**: During the `composer install`, when the script asks you for the parameters value, don't use the default value of the `mongodb_server` config. Use `mongodb://mongo:27017` instead of the default `mongodb://localhost:27017` value.
* **Warning**: During the `composer install`, when the script asks you for the parameters value, use `mongodb://mongo:27017` for the `mongodb_server` config instead of the default `mongodb://localhost:27017` value.
* Go to `http://localhost/app_dev.php/project/initialize` to initialize the project
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# Install all composer packages in /vendor subdirectory
composer install
# Install and build assets
php bin/console assets:install --symlink web
gulp build
# Configure the MongoDB database
php bin/console doctrine:mongodb:schema:create
php bin/console doctrine:mongodb:generate:hydrators
php bin/console doctrine:mongodb:generate:proxies
php bin/console doctrine:mongodb:fixtures:load
# Generate 200 random elements in the map
# This doesn't work at the moment
# php bin/console app:elements:generate 200
# Make the var directories writeable
chmod 777 -R var/cache
chmod 777 -R var/logs
chmod 777 -R var/sessions
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