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Coding Coventions
Naming Convention
- Folder : UperCamelCase
- Classes : UpperCamelCase
Html (twig templates), Javascript/TypeScrpits and CSS
- folder : dashed-case
- files-names : dashed-case
- Classes : UpperCamelCase
- functionName : lowerCamelCase
- variables : lowerCamelCase
- classes-and-ids : dashed-case
Curly Bracket
Line return after functionName and parameters
// stuffs
Or inline function delcaration `function() { return foo; }`
Code Indentation
Always use 3 spaces for indentation of code blocks
Spaces Around Operators
Always put spaces around operators ( = + - * / ), and after commas:
var x = y + z;
var values = ["Volvo", "Saab", "Fiat"];
Installation and Production Instructions
Feel free to add some more informations if you solve installation issues !
1. Php
2. [Composer](
3. [Nodejs](
4. [Git](
5. Serveur Php ([Wamp server]( for example)
6. Any Text Editor (SublimeText for example)
Help (in french) :
1. [Openclassroom "Vérifier l'installation de PHP en console"](
2. [Openclassroom "Installer composer et git"](
### Cloning repo
cd path-to-php-server-folder (default linux /var/www/html, windows c:/wamp/www... )
git clone
cd CartoV3/
### Installing dependencies
Php dependency (symfony, bundles...)
php path-to/composer.phar install or composer install
*During installation, config/parameters file will be created, provide database infos or leave default fields*
Workflow dependencies (compiling sass and javascript)
npm install -g gulp
npm install
Dumping assets
php bin/console assets:install --symlink web
First build of Javascript and Css
gulp build
Start watching for file change (automatic recompile)
gulp watch
Generate Database
Lauch php server
Go to PhpMyAdmin and create a database
Change app/config/parameters.yml with database name you juste created, and enter database login information (by default user:"root", password:"null")
Go to symfony console : http://localhost/PagesVertes/web/app_dev.php/_console
doctrine:schema:update --force
Then generate if necessary random point on the map :
Everthing is ready, enjoy :
1. Generate compressed js and css files
```gulp production```
2. Move files to distant Server (FTP or other)
3. In the distant console (
cache:clear --env=prod
assetic:dump --env=prod
Project Structure
Html files (Twig templates) `app/Ressources/views`
Config `app/config`
Backend sources (symfony-bundles organization) `src/Biopen/XXXBundle`
Javascript/TypeScript sources `src/front-end/js`
Javascript compiled folder `web/js`
SCSS sources `serc/front-end/scss`
CSS compiled folder `web/assets/css`
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