Unverified Commit 21b7df6d authored by Sebastian Castro's avatar Sebastian Castro
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Publish 2.5.6

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* FEATURE: Service Worker so GoGoCarto works better on mobile
* FEATURE: Ability to choose multiple attribute to fill the categories
* BUG: MongoDB Broken associations betwwen Contribution and Elements
* BUG: Moderation custom message get lost on refuse pending element
* FEATURE: Import use customFormatedAddress
* FEATURE: Import handle better bad formats and corrupt data
* BUG: Fix Element Export from admin
* FEATURE: Custom style is now also applied to SAAS pages
* BUG: Prevent merging records where no address and no lat/long is provided
* FEATURE: Improve Search
* BUG: In Element Import Taxonomy Mapping, all mapping was deleted on save
app.version: 2.5.5
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app.version: 2.5.6
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