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Allow `--force-join` option to be configured via class parameter

By merging this request we will be able to:

  • set the @force_join parameter in our class' settings;
  • pass --force-join option to the ipa-client-install
  • allow to override host entry on the server and force client enrollment;
  • make use of this Role in STAGE or DEV environments (or Pipelines).

The use case behind this merge request is:

As a sysadmin using puppet-freeipa, I want to be able to fully enroll a STAGING environment with client machines without the need of setting an IPA server up or resetting its clients' entries.

Latest PIPELINE before the creating of this MR:

  • Syntax OK
  • Unit OK
  • Acceptance (Puppet5) FAILED - Output here, not related to new added code.

Tested deployed code into test env:

  • Related Puppetfile entry
mod 'adullact-freeipa',
  :git    => '',
  :commit => '5067aa928ef706e8aaf39e863d4ecff94d7e7444'
  • Agent's output
# puppet agent -t
Info: Caching catalog for ns3.localdomain
Info: Applying configuration version '1603192735'
Notice: /Stage[main]/Profile::Basepackages/Package[vim]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Profile::Basepackages/Package[ruby]/ensure: created
Notice: /Stage[main]/Freeipa::Install::Client/Exec[client_install_ns3.localdomain]/returns: executed successfully

# date
Tue Oct 20 11:22:09 UTC 2020
  • Class used for the test and setup
  class { 'freeipa':
    ipa_role                    => 'client',
    principal_usedto_joindomain => 'foo',
    ipa_master_fqdn             => 'ipa.localdomain',
    domain                      => 'localdomain',
    password_usedto_joindomain  => '123FreeCookiesForAll!',
    directory_services_password => '123FreeCookiesForAll!',
    puppet_admin_password       => '123FreeCookiesForAll!',
    install_epel                => false,
    ip_address                  => $ipaddress,
    configure_ntp               => false,
    force_join                  => true
Edited by Vinicius Zavam

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