Commit ddf35494 authored by Jean-Christophe CHOQUET's avatar Jean-Christophe CHOQUET
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export tbs

parent ed387326
......@@ -472,8 +472,8 @@ class ActeSare(models.Model):
'd_013': (not acte.tiers and acte.anah_aid) and 'OUI' or 'NON',
'd_014': display_char(,
'd_015': display_char(,
'd_016': type_lgt_ademe[acte.lead_id.type_housing],
'd_017': acte.lead_id.type_housing == 'appart' and acte.lead_id.copro_nb_lots or '',
'd_016': type_lgt_ademe[acte.type_housing],
'd_017': acte.type_housing == 'appart' and acte.lead_id.copro_nb_lots or '',
'd_018': display_char(,
'd_019': display_char(,
'd_020': (display_char(acte.partner_id.street) + ' ' + display_char(acte.partner_id.street2)),
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