Commit 8dca34de authored by Chef Projet Prodige's avatar Chef Projet Prodige
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manage default representation when some geometries are null

parent 3071da20
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ class LibMap {
//try {
$geomInfo = $conn_prodige->fetchAll(
"select public.st_srid(".$table["f_geometry_column"].") as srid, public.geometrytype(".$table["f_geometry_column"].") as type
from ".$table["f_table_schema"].".". $tableName." limit 1"
from ".$table["f_table_schema"].".". $tableName." where public.geometrytype(".$table["f_geometry_column"].") is not null limit 1"
if ( !empty($geomInfo) ){
$tabInfoLayer[] = array_merge($table, $geomInfo[0]);
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