Commit 288db7a3 authored by Chef Projet Prodige's avatar Chef Projet Prodige

fix bad sed commands

parent 7bed19ee
......@@ -716,8 +716,8 @@ s/\${prodige_telecarto_prefix}/telecarto/
cp ${SCRIPTDIR}/dist/favicon.ico /home/sites/
cp ${SCRIPTDIR}/dist/logo-client.png /home/sites/
sed '
> /cas_proxy_chain/ s/telecarto)-)/telecarto)/
> /cas_proxy_chain/ s/(www/www/' ${SCRIPTDIR}/dist/editables_parameters.yml > /home/sites/editables_parameters.yml
/cas_proxy_chain/ s/telecarto)-)/telecarto)/
/cas_proxy_chain/ s/(www/www/' ${SCRIPTDIR}/dist/editables_parameters.yml > /home/sites/editables_parameters.yml
sed '/\.DNS/ s/\.\"$/\"/
s/CAS.PORT.*$/CAS.PORT : 443/' ${SCRIPTDIR}/dist/dns_config_prod.yml > /home/sites/dns_config.yml
cd /home/sites
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