Commit d3fcdab6 authored by Raph El's avatar Raph El
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Hotfix survey

parent 797a7cd7
......@@ -31,10 +31,11 @@ class IndexAction extends CAction
//Rest::json($params); exit;
$params["answer"] = $answer;
// TODO améliorer getdataForAnser pour soit viré la création de lanswers soit charger la bonne answer
//Rest::json($params); exit;
$form = PHDB::findOne( Form::COLLECTION , array("id"=>$answer["formId"]));
$parentForm = Slug::getElementBySlug($form["id"]);
//$parentForm = Slug::getElementBySlug($form["id"]);
$parentForm = Slug::getElementBySlug($params["answer"]["parentSlug"]);
$canEditForm = false;
$canEditAnswer = false;
$canSeeAnswer = false;
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