Commit 8ac61580 authored by Raph El's avatar Raph El

Hotfix doc

parent 2e68bb95
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ if( isset($this->costum["tpls"][$keyTpl]) ) {
if( count(Poi::getPoiByStruct($poiList,"step".$v,$structField))!=0 )
$p = Poi::getPoiByStruct($poiList,"step".$v,$structField)[0];
echo '<h1 style="color:'.$color1.'">'.@$p["name"].'</h1>';
echo '<h1 style="color:'.@$color1.'">'.@$p["name"].'</h1>';
echo "<div class='markdown'>".@$p["description"]."</div>";
if( isset($p["documents"]) ){
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