Commit 6c3e3d87 authored by Tibor Katelbach's avatar Tibor Katelbach

added codesign and codoc

parent c51daf56
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ blue=`tput setaf 0`
bgWhite=`tput setab 7`
reset=`tput sgr0`
tab=("co2" "citizenToolKit" "api" "graph" "interop" "eco" "chat" "survey" "map" "news" "dda" "costum" );
tab=("co2" "citizenToolKit" "api" "graph" "interop" "eco" "chat" "survey" "map" "news" "dda" "costum" "codesign" "codoc" );
cd ~/d/modules/
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