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add build script docker hub

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set -e
# TAG="testing"
cd docker-front/
# docker build --no-cache --rm -t communecter/co2-front-dev:$TAG .
docker build --rm -t communecter/co2-front-dev:$TAG .
docker tag communecter/co2-front-dev:$TAG communecter/co2-front-dev:$TAG
docker push communecter/co2-front-dev:$TAG
cd ..
cd docker-install/
# docker build --no-cache --rm -t communecter/co2-install-dev:$TAG .
docker build --rm -t communecter/co2-install-dev:$TAG .
docker tag communecter/co2-install-dev:$TAG communecter/co2-install-dev:$TAG
docker push communecter/co2-install-dev:$TAG
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