Commit a26bd760 authored by Raph El's avatar Raph El


parent bbd29d4b
......@@ -481,14 +481,14 @@ function initPageTable(number){
//console.log("calculateAgendaWindow ok");
var today = new Date();
var todayMoment = moment().seconds(0).minute(0).hour(0);
var todayMoment = moment().local().seconds(0).minute(0).hour(0);
mylog.log("directory.js calculateAgendaWindow today", typeof today, today);
mylog.log("directory.js calculateAgendaWindow today", typeof todayMoment, todayMoment, todayMoment.valueOf());
today = new Date(today.setSeconds(0));
today = new Date(today.setMinutes(0));
today = new Date(today.setHours(0));
var todayUTC0 = moment(todayMoment.format()).utcOffset("+00:00");
STARTDATE = moment(todayUTC0.format()).valueOf();
var todayUTC0 = moment(todayMoment.format()).local().utcOffset("+00:00");
STARTDATE = moment(todayUTC0.format()).local().valueOf();
mylog.log("directory.js calculateAgendaWindow today2", typeof today, today);
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