Commit 6de7c6fc authored by Sebastian Castro's avatar Sebastian Castro

Try to fix migrations

parent 757706a9
......@@ -8,4 +8,7 @@ gulp build
gulp production
php bin/console db:migrate
sleep 5
chmod 777 -R var/
sleep 1
chmod 777 -R var/
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -110,3 +110,5 @@ db.Configuration.updateMany( { } , { $set: { 'defautTileLayer': DBRef("TileLayer
// Reset duplicates
db.Element.updateMany({moderationState: 4}, {$set: {moderationState: 0, isDuplicateNode: false}, $unset: { potentialDuplicates: 1} })
db.MigrationState.updateMany({}, { $set: { migrationsIndex: 0}})
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@ class MigrationCommand extends GoGoAbstractCommand
// -----------------------------------------------------------------
public $migrations = [
// v2.4.6
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"cartodb"}, {$set: {"attribution":"&copy; <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap</a> &copy; <a href=\"\">CartoDB</a>"}})',
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"hydda"}, {$set: {"attribution":"Tiles courtesy of <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">OpenStreetMap Sweden</a> &mdash; Map data &copy; <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap</a>"}})',
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"wikimedia"}, {$set: {"attribution":"<a href=\"\">Wikimedia</a> | Map data © <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap contributors</a>"}})',
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"lyrk"}, {$set: {"attribution":"&copy Lyrk | Map data &copy; <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap</a>"}})',
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"osmfr"}, {$set: {"attribution":"&copy; Openstreetmap France | &copy; <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap</a>"}})',
'db.TileLayer.updateMany({"name":"stamenWaterColor"}, {$set: {"attribution":"Map tiles by <a href=\"\">Stamen Design</a>, <a href=\"\">CC BY 3.0</a> &mdash; Map data &copy; <a href=\"\">OpenStreetMap</a>"}})',
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'cartodb'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'&copy; <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap</a> &copy; <a href=\'\'>CartoDB</a>'}})",
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'hydda'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'Tiles courtesy of <a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\'>OpenStreetMap Sweden</a> &mdash; Map data &copy; <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap</a>'}})",
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'wikimedia'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'<a href=\'\'>Wikimedia</a> | Map data © <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap contributors</a>'}})",
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'lyrk'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'&copy Lyrk | Map data &copy; <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap</a>'}})",
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'osmfr'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'&copy; Openstreetmap France | &copy; <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap</a>'}})",
"db.TileLayer.updateMany({'name':'stamenWaterColor'}, {\$set: {'attribution':'Map tiles by <a href=\'\'>Stamen Design</a>, <a href=\'\'>CC BY 3.0</a> &mdash; Map data &copy; <a href=\'\'>OpenStreetMap</a>'}})",
public $commands = [
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