Unverified Commit ec48fa1f authored by Sebastian Castro's avatar Sebastian Castro
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Fixs header login

parent e9877e4c
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ function handleLogin(bool, rolesObject, mail)
$('#listUserActions li.only-for-admin').hide();
$('#listUserActions li.only-for-user').hide();
if ($.inArray('ROLE_SONATA_ADMIN', roles) > -1) $('#listUserActions li.only-for-admin').show();
if ($.inArray('ROLE_SONATA_ADMIN', roles) > -1 || $.inArray('ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN', roles) > -1) $('#listUserActions li.only-for-admin').show();
if ($.inArray('ROLE_USER', roles) > -1) $('#listUserActions li.only-for-user').show();
// carto is the GoGoCartoJs instance, defined in GeoDirectory/directoy.html.twig
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