use stable branch

parent c9190c10
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ WEB_USR=www-data # Linux user for this app (if something else then www-data, you
WEB_GRP=www-data # Linux user group for this app (if something else then www-data, you may have to change php-fpm default user)
SSL_GENERATOR=selfsigned # SSL generator : certbot for production or on real internet dev, selfsigned for local dev
GIT_REPO= # git repository for GoGoCarto
GIT_BRANCH=master # git branch for GoGoCarto
GIT_BRANCH=stable # git branch for GoGoCarto
WEB_URL=gogocarto.local # main url for GoGoCarto
CONTACT_EMAIL=contact@gogocarto.local # default email contact
USE_AS_SAAS=true # true = allow to create a farm of map, false = single map
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