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# Amies
Welcome to your new module. A short overview of the generated parts can be found in the PDK documentation at .
The README template below provides a starting point with details about what information to include in your README.
#### Table of Contents
## Table of Contents
1. [Description](#description)
2. [Setup - The basics of getting started with amies](#setup)
......@@ -17,21 +13,19 @@ The README template below provides a starting point with details about what info
## Description
Briefly tell users why they might want to use your module. Explain what your module does and what kind of problems users can solve with it.
This should be a fairly short description helps the user decide if your module is what they want.
This module installs dans configure the application AMIES.
## Setup
### What amies affects **OPTIONAL**
If it's obvious what your module touches, you can skip this section. For example, folks can probably figure out that your mysql_instance module affects their MySQL instances.
If there's more that they should know about, though, this is the place to mention:
This module does following things dedicated to AMIES:
* Files, packages, services, or operations that the module will alter, impact, or execute.
* Dependencies that your module automatically installs.
* Warnings or other important notices.
* creation of a system user;
* installation of needed system packages
* installation of a Postfix relay (TODO this should be enhanced as it uses a private Adullact module `base_postfix`)
* installation of a Postgres server and creation of a user and a database
* creation of files for AMIES
### Setup Requirements **OPTIONAL**
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