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DOC: add Gitlab templates (MR + issue)

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## Summary
<!-- Briefly summarize the bug -->
## Steps to reproduce
<!-- What do you need to do to reproduce the bug? -->
## Actual behavior
<!-- What actually happens -->
## Expected behavior
<!-- What you should see instead -->
## Relevant logs and/or screenshots
<!-- Paste the logs inside of the code blocks (```)
below so it would be easier to read. -->
<summary> Log </summary>
Add the log here
## Possible fixes
<!-- If you can, link to the line of code
that might be responsible for the problem -->
/label ~BUG
## Description
<!-- Include problem, use cases, benefits, and/or goals -->
## Proposal
## Links to related issues and merge requests / references
<!-- Please paste a link of the related issues or/and merge requests -->
/label ~feature
<!-- Mention "documentation" or "docs" in the MR title -->
## What does this MR do?
<!-- Briefly describe what this MR is about. -->
## Related issues
<!-- Link related issues below.
Insert the issue link or reference after the word "Closes"
if merging this should automatically close it. -->
/label ~documentation
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