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......@@ -8,12 +8,11 @@ Once the vagrant box is build:
vagrant ssh
## 2. Run the install commands
## 2. Run install commands
```shell script
cd /home/vagrant/
sudo npm install -g npm-install-peers
sudo yarn install
yarn install
bundle install
......@@ -26,23 +25,28 @@ ip a # Lists IP addresses
/home/vagrant/ run
In case of error of previous commands, run:
En cas d'erreur des commandes précédentes :
```shell script
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/home/ds/rbenv/shims:/home/ds/rbenv/bin' >> /home/ds/.bashrc
Relancer le terminal pour prendre en compte la modif (nouvelle fenêtre) et rejouer les dernières commandes.
And relaunch terminal so that changes be taken into account, then re-type last two commands.
* Lancer DS dans un navigateur sur la machine physique :
## 4. Use Démarches-Simplifiées
`IP VM`:3000
### As anonymous user
In your browser, type in: `http://<IP-of-vagrant-box>:3000/`
### As registered user
1. Go to `http://<IP-of-vagrant-box>:3000/users/sign_in`
2. Log in with login: `` and password: `this is a very complicated password !`
3. Check user's emails at `http://<IP-of-vagrant-box>:3000/letter_opener`
4. Validate registration
## Jouer avec l'appli :D
### As a superadmin
* Identifiant : ``
* Mot de passe : `this is a very complicated password !`
1. Go to `http://<IP-of-vagrant-box>:3000/manager/sign_in`
2. Log in with your Github credentials (the ones associated to the "Oauth App" token)
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