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......@@ -94,6 +94,44 @@ The conception of costum based on of communecter's parameters is a basic version
| scopes | _object_ with entry cities or zones to be focus on specific geographical area |
# generic COstum (templates)
Imagine having created a costum (templateSlug)
and you want to reuse exactly the same in a different context
This is possible with *generic costums* with a parent element(elementSlug)
we can then use specific things from the parent element
The process means reusing a costum json file by many elements(organization, project, event ...) while using a costum attribute in the element's data map.
on any element data, minimum :
_id : "xxxxxelementID",
slug : "elementSlug",
costum : {
//this is the parent costum , that can be overloaded
slug : "templateSlug"
all attributes inside this costum attribute will be identical to the parent
_id : "xxxxxelementID",
slug : "elementSlug",
costum : {
slug : "templateSlug",
css : {
"font" : {
"url" : "/font/mayenneDemain/yourChosenfont.ttf"
To see the costum we use the slug of the element
This loads the costum based on the parent costum slug
and in this process overloads any existing identical attributes
# Features
- build you own `personnalised interface`
......@@ -66,16 +66,18 @@ class Costum {
$el = Slug::getElementBySlug($slug, $elParams );
$tmp['contextType'] = $el["type"];
$tmp['contextId'] = $el["id"];
$id = (@$el["el"]["costum"]['id']) ? $el["el"]["costum"]['id'] : $el["el"]["costum"]['slug'];
$id = (isset($el["el"]["costum"]['id'])) ? $el["el"]["costum"]['id'] : $el["el"]["costum"]['slug'];
else {
//generate the costum tag on the element with a default COstum template
//can be changed in the costum admin
$id = "cocampagne";
$id = "customBuilder";
//ex :
//l'id et le type permettent de retrouver un élément
else if(isset($type) && isset($id)){
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