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......@@ -8,6 +8,11 @@ and the project follows [Semantic Versioning](
The 1.X versions of this module permit to install several instances of Nexcloud on a same node.
But this feature will be removed for version 2.x. It will then only be possible to install a single instance on a node.
## Release 1.0.4 — 2020-03-24
* update README to announce futur breaking change #24
* some sensitive data can be displayed during run #23 (security)
## Release 1.0.3 — 2020-03-19
* DOC Have more precise description of parameters #16
"name": "adullact-nextcloud",
"version": "1.0.3",
"version": "1.0.4",
"author": "adullact",
"summary": "Install and configure Nextcloud",
"license": "AGPL-3.0",
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