Commit b2ed344f authored by Scott Barthelemy's avatar Scott Barthelemy

Add missing kinit in humandmin.pp

parent 9c134474
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......@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ define freeipa::config::humanadmin(
'present': {
exec { "ipa user-add ${_adminname}":
command => "kinit admin -k -t /home/admin/admin.keytab; ipa user-add ${_adminname} --first=${_adminname} --last=${_adminname} ",
unless => "ipa user-show ${_adminname} | grep login",
unless => "kinit admin -k -t /home/admin/admin.keytab; ipa user-show ${_adminname} | grep login",
-> exec { "ipa group-add-member admins --users=${_adminname}":
command => "kinit admin -k -t /home/admin/admin.keytab; ipa group-add-member admins --users=${_adminname}",
unless => "ipa group-show admins | grep ${_adminname}",
unless => "kinit admin -k -t /home/admin/admin.keytab; ipa group-show admins | grep ${_adminname}",
-> exec { "ldappasswd uid=${_adminname},cn=users,cn=accounts,${_dc}":
command => "ldappasswd -Z -H ldap://localhost -x -D \"cn=Directory Manager\" -w ${freeipa::directory_services_password} -s ${adminsettings['password']} \"uid=${_adminname},cn=users,cn=accounts,${_dc}\"",
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