Commit b0595c7b authored by Christian BUFFIN's avatar Christian BUFFIN
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Correction des mots de passe affichés pour les utilisateurs de la recette.

parent c004c1e5
......@@ -67,7 +67,11 @@ class RecettesController extends AppController {
'("Admin"."id" IS NOT NULL) AS "User__is_superadmin"',
'(CASE WHEN "User"."username" = \'superadmin\' THEN \'admin\' ELSE \'bateauavionmotovoiture\' END) AS "User__pwd"',
WHEN "User"."username" = \'superadmin\' THEN \'admin\'
WHEN "Admin"."id" IS NOT NULL THEN \'Voitures2ColoSoupersos\'
ELSE \'bateauavionmotovoiture\'
END) AS "User__pwd"',
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