Commit 50bbd38a authored by THEO GUILLON's avatar THEO GUILLON
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Merge branch '426-intituler-de-l-onglet-sous-traitance-s' into '2.0.0'

Resolve "Intituler de l'onglet "Sous-traitance(s)""

See merge request libriciel/pole-citoyens/web-DPO/web-DPO!415
parents 391651df 7e92b44c
......@@ -113,7 +113,11 @@ echo $this->WebcilForm->create('Fiche', [
<a href="#ongletComplementaireSoustraitance" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">
<i class="fa fa-eye fa-fw"></i>
echo __d('fiche', 'fiche.ongletSousTraitant');
if ($rt_externe === false) {
echo __d('fiche', 'fiche.ongletSousTraitant');
} else {
echo __d('fiche', 'fiche.ongletSousTraitanceUlterieur');
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