Commit eeef56f5 authored by Fabrice Gangler's avatar Fabrice Gangler 🎨 Committed by Matthieu FAURE
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FIX(new user): load information correctly in session

The user type is required for using ACLs in views
and the user type ID is not sufficient.

Refs: #869
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......@@ -446,7 +446,12 @@ class UsersController extends AppController
$message = "Success";
$this->Flash->success(__d("Forms", "Your are registred on the Comptoir du Libre, welcome !"));
if (!$this->request->is('json')) {
$currentUser = $this->Auth->identify();
$currentUser["user_type"] = $this->Users
// REDIRECTS TO ---> /<lang>/users/<idUser>
$lang = $this->selectedLanguage;
return $this->redirect("/$lang/users/" . $user->get('id'));
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